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Gevaplast is ISO 9001 (2000) gecertifieerd

Custom moulding

Gevaplast is very experienced in custom moulding projects where we develop and produce an idea in very close partnership with the client. We can summarize  this cooperation in the following overview:

1.       Product specifications

Every product has its own characteristics and applications. This is why itís very important to ask ourselves following questions from the beginning:

  • Application?
  • Liable to temperature, stress, pressure, chemical corrosion, Ö ?
  • Finishing touch ?
  • Annual volumes ? 

2.       Preliminary design

After the product meeting we can make a first 3D proposition where the rough lines are drawed.
This flexible method is a useful tool to end up in technical precision drawing.

3.       Detailed technical drawing

With 3D CAD software our R&D department is dedicated to focus on details which results in a technical plan for mould and product.

4.       Prototype

Once the plans are finished, on demand we can offer a prototype which gives a great visual indication, and in most cases also a possibility to test it on its functionality.

5.       Mould

A mould is precious and extremely important for the result of a product. This is why we always look for the best price/quality solution.

6.       Test production

Once the mould is ready, everything is checked to see whether it fulfils the expectations.
After the final approval production can be started.