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ISO 9001:2000
Gevaplast is ISO 9001 (2000) gecertifieerd

Production process

Gevaplast is a plastic manufacturing company, more specific an injection moulding company. Besides several techniques to process plastics, injection moulding is one of the prominent production processes.

Its a forming technique where raw material (neutral plastic granulate) is mixed automatically with colour granulates (master batches)  and other additives, which is suckt up into the injection moulding machine. A warm screw propeller melts this mixture to a viscous mass at temperatures around 150C (depending on raw material types) . The mass is injected under high pressure into a mould which consists of 1 or more cavities (shape of the product). By cooling down the mould, the warm plastic is getting hard, so after a few seconds the demanded product is ejected from the mould.

This production process is a repeating cycle.

Injection moulding is one the leading processes to produce plastic products.